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Lecture: Heads Up! The Background Story Our Facial Reconstructions
(posted Sunday January 8th)

Caroline Wilkinson explains how she reconstructed the faces of two of the Fewston skeletons of named individuals - George Lister and Elizabeth Dibb. 06/04/2017 , 7.30-9pm, Washburn Heritage Centre, Fewston;

Media: York Osteoarchaeology in the News - Genome Analysis of Possible Gladiators from York
(posted Wednesday)

">Vertebra from Driffield Terrace with decpitation cut

A paper published in Nature Communications yesterday has shown that Roman skeletons originally analysed by York Osteoarchaeology Ltd thought to be possible gladiators derived largely from Wales, though one individual originated from the Middle East, possibly Syria, based on genomic analysis by Rui Martiniano and Dan Bradley of Trinity College Dublin.

: Gladiators
(posted Tuesday October 27th)

">Anwen analysing skeletons from gladiator cemetery

The York Archaeological Trust for Research and Excavation has now made the Driffield Terrace osteological report available on their website. Current research into bite marks on one of the Roman skeletons is investigating whether they were gladiators.

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Medieval skull
Medieval skull

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