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Other: Gladiators
(posted Tuesday October 27th)

">Vertebra from Driffield Terrace with decpitation cut

The York Archaeological Trust for Research and Excavation has now made the Driffield Terrace osteological report available on their website. Current research into bite marks on one of the Roman skeletons is investigating whether they were gladiators.

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Exhibition: Wittstock - Last Battle

Schlachtfeld und Massengrab
Schlachtfeld und Massengrab

The battle of Wittstock in 1636 in Germany was part of the 30 year war. A new exhibition at the Brandenburgische Archäeologische Landesmuseum shows the details of the battle.

A conference related to the battle and generally weapon trauma and battle injuries in skeletal remains from Europe is taking place from the 21st to the 24th of November 2011 at the Brandenburgische Archäeologische Landesmuseum, near Berlin. Malin Holst is giving a key note lecture at the conference.

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