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Other: Gladiators
(posted Tuesday October 27th)

">Vertebra from Driffield Terrace with decpitation cut

The York Archaeological Trust for Research and Excavation has now made the Driffield Terrace osteological report available on their website. Current research into bite marks on one of the Roman skeletons is investigating whether they were gladiators.

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Lecture: Recent excavation at the churchyards of Wetwang and Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire

The lecture by Malin Holst is taking place at Wetwang village hall, Wetwang on the 27th of June 2011 at 7pm

Excavations in 2010 at the churchyards of Fridaythorpe and Wetwang uncovered a number of post-medieval burials. The lecture will discuss the results of the excavations.