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Other: Gladiators
(posted Tuesday October 27th)

">Vertebra from Driffield Terrace with decpitation cut

The York Archaeological Trust for Research and Excavation has now made the Driffield Terrace osteological report available on their website. Current research into bite marks on one of the Roman skeletons is investigating whether they were gladiators.

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Lecture: Coffin Fit - The Story of The Swinegate Skeletons

Talk about an early medieval skeleton from St Benet's Church at Jorvik Viking Festival

This coffin was conserved as a rare survival from Anglo-Scandinavian York and has very recently been reassembled, reunited with its occupant were placed on display at JORVIK before the flooding of the centre in December 2015.

Join Conservator Steve Allen from York Archaeological Trust to discover more about the coffin, while Osteoarchaeologist Malin Holst will share what we’ve learnt from the skeleton.

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